Designed to replace a dysfunctional school building, this new school classroom block needed to become a central focus and hub for a school that was previously planned as a collection of single storey blocks. Due to their existing density, a two storey block was necessary to hold the required five classrooms and two specialty art / ICT classrooms.

The resulting building holds its circulation in the centre, with two distinct cores holding shared facilities off one side and the open-planned learning spaces off the other. This circulation space takes the form of an open-air balcony and stairways designed to lower costs but also maximizes light into classrooms and allows connection and communication from the core of the building into the surrounding play spaces.  

The expressed structural solution creates a hierarchy of steel, timber and concrete - naturally robust materials out of necessity, but also allows this hierarchy to be read by the occupant and their raw nature hints at the rural locality of the school within the Rangiora community. 


NZIA Local Award - 2007