1995 - Ongoing


Sheppard & Rout have completed numerous projects at Christchurch International Airport for both the Airport and associated airlines such as Air New Zealand, and continue to do so.

The most notable project has been the CIAL International Terminal project, where Sheppard & Rout worked in associated with Melbourne-based Hassell Architects from 1995 – 1998. Masterplanning was undertaken to understand the needs of an endlessly changing demands of the aviation industry and increasing passenger numbers. A design was then developed for a new international terminal and associated airside and landside facilities.

 In late 2003 it was realised that with the large growth of international passengers dictated the need for an expansion of the International Departure Lounge. The brief requested legible circulation and the further ability to expand, while meeting the many constraints of aircraft parking, security requirements and available building area.